Privacy Policy

In accordance with the laws on the Privacy Policy, we invite you to fill in the registration form with the greatest attention because your personal data will be used to make Airplane tickets, to print certificates and attestations as well as to carry out all related activities to the administrative management of the chosen project; That is why we are asking for your cooperation. In accordance with Law No. 09-08 of 18 February 2009 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, we inform you that the data you provided are treated by computer instruments and procedures, respecting the protection of personal data according to the law in force and are exclusively processed for the following purposes:

selection of candidates for the program in question; 

educational, administrative and communication purposes related to the selection and management of possible participation in the program and the awarding of scholarships; 

statistical surveys. 

You have the option of not allowing the processing of your personal data, however the absence of consent would make it extremely difficult for the selection activity and the management of the reports with IDA-Education would become problematic. You can still exercise rights under the article 9 of the law n ° 09-08 attached. (The person concerned, having proof of his / her identity, has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of his / her personal data and has the right to object, free of charge. , that the data concerning him are used for purposes of prospecting, in particular commercial, by the current controller or that of further processing.The provisions of the first paragraph do not apply when the treatment meets an obligation or where the application of these provisions has been excluded by an express provision of the act authorizing the processing.) Therefore, please express your consent to the use of your personal data presented above. completing and signing the attached form. We also thank you in advance for sending us this document along with your application for admission to the program in question. In addition, we remind you that by sending this form, the candidate declares to have fully read and accepted the participation criteria.