Inspired from the film industry, the pitch is a succinct and exhaustive presentation of a project, to catch the attention of the jury and encourage the desire to invest for the operators.

Literally a training camp … a similar space where the Pitch will be presented, beyond the realities of the field.

Yes, on the 7500 km that separates Casablanca from Dakar, in and out by bus … An adventure more and more run

YES, AgriTech, HealthTech, EduTech…

No, you must now register and get a ticket.

Networking, positive contagion, markets, fame, awards and a trip to Singapore for the first 3

For 2 weeks, the winners of the African Pitch Roadshow By HUB AFRICA, will present their projects to the dynamic Asian market in Open Innovation, try to encourage the support of investment funds …

All those who will pay their Ticket and register to the program

The Hub Africa Awards go to the deserving startups, to the various economic operators and the most innovative institutions, carriers … according to the categories