What IT IS IT ?

B2B are Business meetings for entrepreneurs and investors that are organized and planned by a dedicated team.

The AFRICA BUSINESS EXPORT meetings are an opportunity to meet decision makers, business leaders and investors at an international event. This is a great opportunity to expand your business market to an international scale.

Hundreds of qualified companies who have been selected by our experts for wanting to see you succeed; will be at your disposal as a part of the Africa Business Export network of HUB AFRICA. You will have the opportunity to exchange with these companies before the event in order to give you the possibility of arranging a meeting with them according to their availabilities within the agenda on our platform.

Why ?

  • Expand your network
  • Develop your business,
  • Find new prospects, customers, partners, sponsors, suppliers, investors, both nationally and internationally
  • Improve your visibility and communicate on the African and European continent, the Triangular (South-South, North-South, South-North), in the line of sight
  • Export your know-how, your products and services

How ?



After the validation of your profile, you will be able to visualize all the companies and investors available on the platform.


Making appointments

Once registered, validated and selected according to multiple criteria such as your country or sector of activity… you can then ask for an appointment directly on the platform. Once the appointment is accepted by both parties it is automatically registered in your agenda and you will be given the number of table dedicated to this meeting.


Participation in the 7th edition HUB AFRICA

The HUB AFRICA event, gives you the opportunity to take advantage of Workshops, and conferences with international speakers.